Posted on Aug 8, 2020

EaDo Bike Co

E-Bikes are the future, and the Cannondale Canvas Neo 2 is a shining example of how exciting they can really be. It sports a Bosch Active Line Plus 250W motor, one of the best available, with a 400Wh battery that can assist you for up to 60 miles. 9-speed, rolling on 29in wheels with hydraulic disc brakes. You can not use the motor at all or choose between Eco, Touring, Sport, and Turbo (ZOOMZOOM) modes.

Kick the car to the curb and take a step towards a more sustainable way of getting around. Use it for your commute, trips to the market, or to enjoy the sights of the city like you never have before.

Cannondale Canvas Neo 2, available now in a Medium for $3,200.
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